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4130 - Minimum School Year Requirements and Make Up Days for Emergency Closure

The school year shall consist of a minimum of 990 hours of instruction during 180 school days as required by Utah State guidelines. If a school does not meet this minimum requirement due to emergency closure, make up days will be taken during the scheduled Spring Break beginning with the first day of this break. One day from Spring Break will be taken as a make up day for each day missed due to emergency closure. Should emergency closures occur following Spring Break or if more make up days are required than are available during Spring Break, the school administration will work with the community council and the school and district staff to designate additional make up days to be taken before the end of the school year.

During make up days, the following shall apply:

  1. Make up days will include at least four hours of instructional time.
  2. Regular bus transportation will be provided based on the school make up day schedule.
  3. All staff who would have worked on an emergency closure day will be paid as if they had worked; however, the staff will work on the make up day(s) without additional compensation.
  4. Use of personal leave on make up days is strongly discouraged. The negotiated personal leave agreement will apply to make up days including the provisions relating to personal leave before or after a school holiday.

Approved by the Board 01/08/1997

Make Up Days, Minimum School Year Requirements, Emergency Closings

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