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5221 - Uniform Dress

References: State Code 53A-15-602, 1994

Local school boards and public schools may adopt school dress codes requiring all students enrolled at a public school to wear a designated uniform during the school day in order to help avoid disruption of the classroom atmosphere and decorum and prevent disturbances (State Code 53A-15-602, 1994). Weber District policy does not officially encourage or discourage school uniforms. Should a school decide to pursue school uniforms, the principal and the appropriate director and supervisor shall coordinate the school-level work with the district superintendency and the school board. The following steps shall be included in the process of adopting a school uniform policy: 

  1. A school principal shall establish a community council (adopting authority) to assist in developing a school uniform policy.
  2. The school adopting authority shall involve school staff and the community during the policy development process. It is the responsibility of the adopting authority to ensure that the school uniform policy is in compliance with state code (copy of current state code attached) and all related district policies.
  3. School uniforms shall be of a general nature, which consist of clothing commonly found in a student’s home. Adoption of such uniforms shall not result in unreasonable financial burden on families and will not require school officials to purchase uniforms for students under the current state fee waiver policy. Should the school adopting authority choose to adopt a more restrictive dress code the adopting school shall be responsible for all costs incurred.
  4. The adopting authority shall hold a public hearing to present the proposed uniform dress policy under consideration and to provide a forum for public input.
  5. Prior to conducting a vote, a school shall submit their school uniform dress policy for school board review to insure it complies with all legal requirements and district-related policies.
  6. A majority, defined as 50% plus 1, of the qualified households casting a ballot must vote in favor of a school uniform dress code in order for a uniform policy to be implemented.
  7. Although the adopting authority is responsible to establish the manner and time of the vote, a final vote shall be completed at least four months prior to the date of the proposed school uniform policy implementation. All parents/guardians who will have children in the school the year the school uniform policy may be implemented are eligible to vote. Each household qualified to vote will have one vote.
  8. A school that adopts a uniform policy is responsible for communicating to parents/guardians the specific requirements of the school uniform policy. When a school uniform policy is optional, students choosing not to participate shall adhere to established school dress standards.

Approved by the Board 05/1999

Dress Code, Uniforms

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