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2330 - Scheduling, Routing and Parking of School Buses

    Weber School District is committed to ensuring students receive appropriate district transportation. The District is also committed to ensuring that students, parents, teachers, and transportation personnel understand the procedures for eligibility and procedures to secure district transportation, scheduling and routes, safety provisions, and behavior requirements for students riding District buses.
    Weber School District acknowledges the importance of established bus routes, satisfactory school bus stops, and procedures for storage of school district buses.
    1. Routing and Scheduling Bus Stops
      1. A map will be prepared to establish bus routes that will adequately meet the needs of eligible students residing within the eligible busing area of their assigned school of attendance.
        1. Satisfactory school bus stops will be identified along streets and highways where buses can travel with the least amount of risk.
        2. Students will be assigned to a specific stop according to their registered address in their assigned school of attendance. This registered address must be within the eligible busing area of the assigned school boundaries.
        3. Stopping and parking of buses between regular route runs, activity or field trips, or while waiting to resume the bus runs must be at safe and convenient parking areas adjacent to trip routes.
    2. Storage of School District Buses
      1. Standard procedure will be developed to keep the bus in a secure area at the driver's home, place of driver's employment or at the Transportation Motor Pool between route runs, activity or field trips, when not in use, and when any savings to the school district can be affected.
      2. Parking a bus overnight at home will be approved only if it is clearly evident that such an arrangement will specifically benefit the School District.
      3. Drivers whose requests for home parking have been approved must consistently demonstrate that proper pre-trip inspections, maintenance, cleanliness, protection, and safety are always provided.
        1. Drivers will be responsible for theft from buses.
        2. Permission for home parking, temporary mid-day parking locations, and special parking arrangements may be withdrawn at any time if it is clear that the above provisions are not being met. Deviations from assigned routes, field trips and activity trip runs will be administratively determined by the District Transportation Supervisor.

Approved by the Board 01/06/2016

Buses, Transportation

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